How to Make Money with Box Tops for Education

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Box Tops for Education

I always find it interesting when I come across things that can be sold that the vast majority of people would never even consider selling. I discovered the other day that there is a robust market for selling Box Tops for Education (BTFEs). While most people simply ignore these, those with kids likely save them for their own kid’s schools. What most people don’t realize is that anyone who collects them can make a few extra dollars. BTFEs sell for between 5 cents to 10 cents each, and closer to 8 cents to 10 cents when grouped in lots of 100 or more. That means for every 100 that you can collect, you can expect to get $8 – $10 for them. On rare occasions, they can sell for


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12 Responses to How to Make Money with Box Tops for Education

  1. Christina says:

    Monday’s and today’s articles are unorthodox and fascinating. Thanks for opening my eyes to these overlooked opportunities. My kid is now interested in dumpster diving for game pieces. If I wake up in the middle of the night on recycling day, I now know what to do.

  2. creditcardfree says:

    I’ve been selling Box Tops on Ebay for several years. Granted only once or twice a year since it does take awhile to accumulate them. They ALWAYS sell.

  3. Noel says:

    I ALWAYS threw them away. I don’t want to make any money out of it but if any school can use it, I am willing to donate them. DS’ school never ever asked us for any such thing, baking sale and stuff is common though.

    Thanks for letting me know this.

  4. box top girl says:

    I have my friends collect them for me and I make an extra $20 – $25 a month from these. They ALWAYS sell and there always seems to be a good demand for them.

  5. mom-from-missouri says:

    I almost think it is “immoral” to sell something that is meant for donation. Shame on you for even suggesting it. Once something gets abused like this, the programs get ended.

  6. box top girl says:

    How is this immoral? The box tops all are still going to the schools. Whether I give them to the school or sell them and someone else gives them to their school, they still are given to the school.

    What exactly is the abuse? If these don’t go to schools, then nobody gets any benefit from them.

  7. jeffrey says:

    Here is a conversation I had in the forums as to why initially I thought the same way, but changed my mind:

  8. Gailete says:

    Fascinating. Is there a market for the Campbell’s labels for education also?

  9. jeffrey says:

    Yes, but it’s not as strong as the Box Tops for Education so they usually sell for less.

  10. B says:

    How much did u sell them for?

  11. Maryann says:

    Thank you for donating instead of selling. They were designed to be donatednot sold. I called BTE and they are going to address this issue. They are not supposed to be sold.

  12. C wiley says:

    Wow.. had no idea.. we get literally thousands of these products in monthly. Even more soup labels. Will have to see where & how we can get them distributed.

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