Start a Swap: Fun Money Friday

things you can swap

If you’ve got stuff you no longer want or love, one of the best ways to get new stuff is to swap with someone else. They probably have stuff they no longer want, too, so a swap works for both of you. You get rid of your unwanted stuff, get new stuff, and the other person gets the same benefits. But swapping doesn’t have to be just a one on one transaction. You can start a swap group and make swapping a fun, social event.

You can organize a swap amongst your friends or coworkers and have it in your home, or host a larger swap at a place like a community center or library. If you want a big group, you can advertise your swap idea on public bulletin boards or in the local paper. Ag


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2 Responses to Start a Swap: Fun Money Friday

  1. Your neighbors can be a wonderful source of “sharing” big-ticket items. Lawnmowers and snowblowers are really expensive and not used all that often, so why not share them?

  2. Monisaver1 says:

    I won’t even let my neighbors borrow anything anymore. Every time I lent them anything I would get it back empty of gas or dirty to the point of disgusting or broken beyond repair.
    I’ve spent more money replacing “big ticket items” than I care to count. No Thanks!!

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