Tricks to Win McDonald’s Monopoly

how to win McDonald's monopoly 2013

Updates for the 2014 McDonald’s Monopoly contest:

This article was written for the 2013 game which has now ended. While this article isn’t specifically written for the 2014 McDonald’s Monopoly game, many of the strategies in the article will likely still be effective when the next game rolls around. We do plan to wr


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76 Responses to Tricks to Win McDonald’s Monopoly

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    Come on guys!!! Think if Park Place is the easy one to get don’t you think that the guy that gets boardwalk has park place too. Do you really think the person who does get it is going to share??? I would love to think that would happen not in this generation… You want to pay it forward? The next time your at McDonalds, Star bucks or any fast food, once a month pay for the persons meal or drink behind you tell the cashier to tell them To have a great day and to pay it forward…You’re a winner and the guy behind you wins too. Wow! Can’t put a million dollar price on that one.

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  5. Terri Estay says:

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  6. laurie says:

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  7. david says:

    I have all the game pieces since I work for the company that printed them back in March of this year WS Packaging Group in Algoma, WI but cant play unless I want to be sued later for the prize plus my job.

  8. Jodee says:

    Seriously dude come on?????? Why would you even tell anyone that. Come on. Won’t you get in trouble for saying that you have them all? And if you truly do, Why are you telling people that are wanting to win so bad and truly need the money? Why? Are you going to let them have the winning piece? If you were concerned about your job why did you list that you have them ALL.

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  12. Gus says:

    Check your account in the monopoly site and the prizes you’ve won will listed there and you can get the codes to claim your prizes. Not all of my prizes were sent to my email either.

  13. jon says:

    Just read this feed, and I got to say: What The Hell is wrong with you people? Ive never seen a bigger amount of suckers in my life. Does 1:30-600,000 mean anything to you? FYI it means that noone on here has a big prize. Noone. This society makes me sick, how low people stoop to when they think that chance of glory actually exists for them just cause someone felt like being mean today. Everyone begging for pieces, just stop. Go online, enter codes, and be happy with the coke points or the redbox movie you might get. And try and enjoy the food will ya? Jeez

  14. Jon says:

    Your husband won a car 25 years ago in McDonald’s Monopoly game huh? That’s interesting since that is over 10 years before the Monoploy game at McDonald’s existed. Nice try though. Smh

  15. Nmd says:


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  16. shopaholic says:

    I have Park Place

    Whoe ever has Boardwalk, want to split 50/50

  17. jason says:

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  18. Jason C says:

    I just got Electric company #528. It says Utilities $10,000. I’m from Montreal, Canada if it makes a difference.

    Looks like I need the other utility? First time playing this game. Anyone’s suggestion if this is worth anything?


  19. Steve says:

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  24. Niki says:

    I need 2014 McDonalds monopoly pieces: ~ Water works, Boardwalk, Pennsylvania Avenue, Ventnor avenue, Tennessee avenue, New York avenue, Virginia avenue, Short line railroads, Vermont avenue, Mediterranean avenue, Kentucky avenue ~ I will split prize 50/50 with someone if they want to team up on the monopoly game or if you have boardwalk I will be happy with $70,000 to pay off our home.

  25. lalita says:

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  26. Tia Jones says:

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