Tricks to Win McDonald’s Monopoly

how to win McDonald's monopoly 2013

Updates for the 2014 McDonald’s Monopoly contest:

This article was written for the 2013 game which has now ended. While this article isn’t specifically written for the 2014 McDonald’s Monopoly game, many of the strategies in the article will likely still be effective when the next game rolls around. We do plan to wr


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76 Responses to Tricks to Win McDonald’s Monopoly

  1. Wes Woodward says:

    No winners in smaller States like Utah. Are all the big winners still family members?

  2. alwaysout678 says:

    I don’t play this game often, but stopped by this morning with my son to get a meal. I doubt that I will be back again while the game is going on. I ended up getting Short Line Railroad. Does anyone want it?

  3. christine says:

    Yes, if the short line railroad piece is still available, I would appreciate having it. Thank You

  4. Marina says:

    Short Line is the rare one! I’ll take it if you are giving it away, but you may want to look into selling it on ebay!

  5. dreamer says:

    The best way to win at this game is to not play at all. The food is terrible for you, so getting more of it just to try and win some prizes is probably the worst thing you can do. I’ve never understood why these games are so popular as the only real winner is McDonalds which gets you to buy a lot more of their food than you would have otherwise.

  6. jeffrey says:

    There were scandals years back of the big prizes being traded among family members of the company that printed the game pieces, but that hasn’t been the case recently — I don’t recall reading any scandals like that recently.

  7. steve says:

    So, does this mean I should be buying Big Macs if I want to win the $1 million prize?

  8. Peter says:

    I think part of your “buying food” section is inaccurate.
    The food items one may win from playing do not include any items with game pieces, so unfortunately there is no win twice from one purchase kind of deal…

  9. jeffrey says:

    You’re correct — while initially putting this together I missed that the McMuffin was excluded.

  10. KenZie says:

    Can I please have the short line ticket I will give u 50 dollars for it if u could mail it to me I promise you I would send u a check.

  11. benjamin says:

    Someone got up this morning and seems to have decided that it would be a wonderful day to go trolling.

  12. KenZie says:

    Alwaysout678 will u please text me or email me. I will seriously pay you for it.

  13. Christina says:

    My husband won a car from playing McDonald’s Monopoly about 25 years ago. He was irked because he wanted $$ for university instead.

    The McDonald’s sweepstakes really does take in a lot of $$$ for the company. When a local supermarket chain tried its own version two years ago we spent 70% of our grocery dollars there. Best I got was a $3.50 Lindt chocolate bar

  14. Larenda says:

    I would like to have the short line railroad if still available please let me know thanks it’s the only one I need yet of the railroads!

  15. Minny says:

    I have never heard of this – maybe it doesn’t happen here in the UK though we have McDonalds everywhere!

    What a great advertising wheeze!

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  17. Joanna F says:

    Is the Short Line still available? I would like to have it if you don’t want it. I will be glad to you pay you for it. Please

  18. coyote says:

    I have Park Place — willing to split prize with anyone that has Boardwalk.

  19. Julie says:

    You should keep it and get the other 3. That is the rare piece and when you get all 4 you get a year’s worth Shell Gasoline.

  20. Julie says:


    I have the 3 other railroads. If there is a way you can email me your address or po box, I will just mail them to you. Even if you didn’t have use for free gas, you could possibly give the gas card to a local charity.

    I am just excited for you. I have never got a rare game piece before. That’s cool. I did however during the very first Mcdonald’s Monopoly get to play in a life size Monopoly and won some prizes but not the grand prize to Atlantic City. This took place in Lawton, OK. I got to be the “Shoe”.

  21. Julie says:

    Free codes to use online.


  22. Christina says:

    Jeffrey Strain’s article shows how to get game pieces by mail.
    Some additional constraints: Outer envelope must include a return address in the upper left hand corner that matches the requestor’s street address, and must be postmarked no sooner than July 2, 2013, and no later than August 12, 2013.

  23. Stina says:

    Anyone wanna give me their Park Place?

  24. mia says:

    Ill trade yu park place if you have an extra boardwalk

  25. Rickey says:

    Do people really think alwaysout678 really has short line? Come on, that is just silly.

  26. Zach Jasinski says:

    So i really do not eat McDonalds often stopped by before work only got a hashbrown ended up getting Ventnor Ave I really dont need the money because of the fact that i come from a wealthy family therefore i would like to give it away to someone who actually could use the money.

  27. Sami says:

    If anyone wants to trade or give me and rare pieces it would be so appreciated. I’m in desperate need of money to buy a car before college starts. I had to move across the country to even find a job and cheap community college. I’m sadly relying on this monopoly to win.
    I have EVERY game piece Excluding the rare ones of course. Please someone help. I’ve won many free thinks online too so if you want to trade for some redbox rentals or even 3 $10 dollar promo code cards ill be happy. I’m just looking for one rare piece.

    Please don’t try to scam me

  28. A.M.L. Hampton says:

    I need Ventnor, so…

  29. Barbarah Monreal says:

    Hey zach! I would really love the ventnor ave. :) im going to nursing school and the 20,000 would help alot with tuition!

  30. LC says:

    Awesome! Thanks! =)

  31. Dreamcrusher says:

    McDonald’s is the healthiest food on this planet, it’s even better for you than Taco Hell, so winning more of it is like a ALL YOU CAN EAT salad.

  32. Derpkey says:

    Anyone want to trade cards? I have 3 Atlantic Ave, 2 St. James Place, 2 Indiana Ave, 1 States Ave, 1 Oriental Ave, 1 North Carolina Ave, 1 Reading Rail, 1 B&O Rail, 1 Regular McFlurry card and 1 Quarter Pounder with Cheese card. Will sell 1 card for $100, 2 cards for $175, 3 cards for $250, 1 free food card for any 3 property cards that I don’t have and/or 1 property card for any property card that I don’t have. Email:

  33. RJ says:

    Guys if anyone has the short line railroad I would really appreciate it. I really need that card and would be glad to trade all my cards and or pay money for it:)

  34. Rosalyn says:

    anyone have #452? We ll split it up 50/50.

  35. DirtyDog says:

    Same with Stina, asking for Park Place. Be for real.

  36. Candice says:

    Does anyone have Pennsylvania Ave ?? Please I have No. Carolina Ave and Pacific Ave already I just need Pennsylvania. If anyone has it please reply

  37. ipkb says:

    I have New York Avenue trading for Connecticut Avenue…

  38. ava says:

    i would love to have it please

  39. tamka adell says:

    i would like to have broadway if anyone has it willing to split the prizes.

  40. Frank The Tank says:

    So, I am a poor person with lots of money issues. Luckily I made a fake boardwalk piece and will be turning it in shortly. Take that communism.

  41. MC Fever says:

    You wrote the McDonald’s pieces in the stores are strictly inventoried so no one takes them but that isn’t true. There were tons of auctions on eBay for 500, 800,1000 etc game pieces usually still on McDonald’s flat unused hash brown bags and french fry boxes so obviously those were from employees. Now many of those auctions were ended by eBay because chance listings where something can be won are not allowed but you will still see some, usually where the seller is slick and only had the auction on for 24 hours so it completes before the eBay police can shut it down. See for example, auction 290953927643 from seller thisnthatshop11 for 100 Unpeeled Monopoly game pieces from hash brown bags. If you check thisnthatshop11’s completed auctions you’ll see there are many more for 100 and 50 games pieces on hash brown bags and fry boxes, so obviously an employee. Look at completed auctions 251307058897 for 1,000 unused pieces and 251309766920 for 500 pieces from 250 unused wrappers, both from seller wdrake2012…there is no way the person is not an employee. None of these came from cleaning off tables.

  42. jeffrey says:

    Actually, you pointing out that there are a relatively few people do this when there are tens of thousands of McDonald’s across the nation does show that they are strictly inventoried — otherwise everyone would be doing this. Just because some people stole pieces doesn’t mean that they are the rule — the fact that there are so few show that this is the exception.

  43. Ms. jones says:

    Hi Zach I think its amazing you are thinking of other’s. I’m single mom who just graduated from college last Dec and still looking for a job. I could really use a financial break. Can you email me if you still have the game piece.
    Thank you

  44. LMAO says:

    Wow some gullible fools in here!

  45. paty says:

    I would like to get ventor Ave if you still have it. I have the other two piece and the money would really be helpful as i have 5 all in the ages between 10 and 15, so as you can imagine they can get expansive, I am currently disabled due to a brain cyst and i am not able to work. Please let me know if still available.

  46. Jodee says:

    Desperate times seek desperate measures. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find. I think you should all go out and get a Big Mac, Fries and a Medium coke. You might have a better chance that way. If not the enjoyment of great food and company, your a winner already. You deserve a break today, so get out and on your way to “McDonalds”.

  47. Monte Smith says:

    How are you Zach. Hey I was hoping you still had the Ventnor Ave. I really could use it to pay for school. There is a grand prize of 20,000 I was willing to split it if you wanted.
    Really need you Zach.

  48. Monte Smith says:

    ipkb I have a connecticut for u

  49. Lovebug78 says:

    Did it work did you win the 1,000,000

  50. Lovebug78 says:

    Did your fake piece work ?

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