The High Cost of Knowing Better

jump off roof

Here in the South, the common joke is that many disasters, spectacular events, or both begin with the phrase, “Hey, ya’ll, watch this!” Usually after yelling that phrase, the person does something unbelievably stupid like jump off a barn roof onto a trampoline to see how far they’ll launch. (Something I confess to having done when I was about thirteen. Mercifully I ended up with only bruises but it could have been way worse.) The friends laugh and then the next person attempts something equally stupid until someone ends up in the hospital.

Even if you aren’t imploring your friends to watch your stupidity, many of us do stupid things on a daily basis. We attempt


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2 Responses to The High Cost of Knowing Better

  1. jim says:

    Great article – I’m still laughing about jumping off the barn onto a tramp!(only ’cause you ended up ok) Good Lord! I thought my kid was stupid when he jumped off the 2nd story loft onto the sofa below. It’s no wonder parents “age” with children.

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