Unexpected Money and Opportunity: Fun Money Friday

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Getting unexpected money (or an unexpected opportunity to earn money) is one of the best things that can happen in your financial life. I’m not talking about things like tax refunds which, while you may choose to treat it as a windfall, aren’t usually unexpected. (You usually have some idea that you’ll get a refund, it’s the amount that may be in question.) I’m talking about money that just falls into your lap. Jeffrey’s recent post about how the Discovery Channel contacted him about using one of his YouTube videos is a good example. He had no idea this was coming, yet it made him $250. Nice.

Another example is receiving an inheritance from a relative y


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2 Responses to Unexpected Money and Opportunity: Fun Money Friday

  1. gregory says:

    I sure wish these unexpected money opportunities would happen more often to me :)

  2. Gailete says:

    Some years, since I am disabled, I get property tax rebates in varying sizes. I got this one this year and so I wouldn’t be tempted to spend it or second guess where to spend it, I had it direct deposited to my bank account and then into my ROTH IRA.

    As to truly unexpected money. One day came home to find a $10,000 check from my brother. Apparently he had a very good year work wise and gave my other siblings and my mom the same amount. Lots of fun deciding where it should go and what I should do with it. It came about a year or so after I had gotten rid of my ex that spent money like water, so after years of barely scraping by, it was a pleasure to have money again.

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