Happiness Comes From Being Yourself: Fun Money Friday


I’m going to try something new here at Saving Advice for the coming weeks, and that is having “Fun Money Fridays.” Most of the time we (that is, all financial bloggers, talking heads, and advisors) focus on the negative and scary aspects of money. The refrain(s) go like this:

“You’re never going to be able to retire!”

“You’re failing at life if you don’t have ‘X’ amount saved!”

“Inflation will kill you!”

“The markets are crashing!” (Or, “The markets are rising too fast!” Whichever is scarier on any given day.)

“Saving and frugality are painful!”

But much of what happens wi


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One Response to Happiness Comes From Being Yourself: Fun Money Friday

  1. Susan says:

    Great reminder for us all.

    We are blessed

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