How Will You Get Rid of It?

trash couch

When making a big (or even small) purchase, many people fail to think about the end game. What happens when you no longer want the item, it’s old and broken down, or you have to sell it to help with bad financial circumstances? This is normal. After all, when you’re buying something, you’re excited about it, you can’t wait to start using it, and you think the love affair will never end. Eventually, though, you’ll have to get rid of the item and some items aren’t all that easy to get rid of.

Furniture is one example, as I discovered last year when I finally replaced our aging couch. If you buy an appliance, most appliances dealers will haul away your old


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6 Responses to How Will You Get Rid of It?

  1. Join your local Freecycle group. Furniture are usually the top wanted items on there.

  2. Brian @ Luke1428 says:

    Good stuff Jennifer! That couch is dying to be in a college dorm room somewhere. :)

  3. jay says:

    Hopefully you didn’t list in order of your priorities! Giving to someone or place should be first (I second Freecycle), while trashing it -last.
    Great article and argument for the zero waste lifestyle where one doesn’t often have to consider this issue.

  4. Good points. It’s waste to just throw your stuff away when there are others who can make use of them. Don’t hesitate to donate or give it away when you no longer need your things.

  5. christine says:

    I recently moved and was geting new couches once in my new place. I used to get rid of my old couches before I moved. Everything on the site is offered for free and you work out the exchange with people that respond. It was great as my only request was they come and move it away themselves! Worked great! Also I used it for smaller things as well as I was cleaning throuh, old radios, lamps etc.

    Also check this organization to see if any are near you. They drive by my neighborhood at least twice a month and pick things up!

  6. Gailete says:

    In our town, when I lived right in town and you wanted to get rid of furniture, you set it by the curb. Within a few hours, I was usually GONE. People would see it and take it away. The first time I did this, my new hubby was shocked as he had lived out in the country all his life. When he saw that what we had put out was gone in no time, he became a believer. So the ‘trash’ is not such a final place as it you may think. The scavenger people rescue it.

    In my son’s apartment, that is down the street from where I lived for 5 years, he has a very nice microwave stand. I’m pretty sure it is my old one that became redundant when we remodeled the kitchen as it is exactly the same style and color. So someone came along and took it back to their apartment where they left it when they moved out. Now son gets to use it. Full circle!

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