How to Get the Best Deals at Thrift Stores

thrift store

I have to admit that I really enjoy looking for treasure in what other people consider junk. I love to rummage around places looking for weird and unusual items, whether it be at flea markets, garage sales or thrift stores. I spent several years making a living doing this on eBay and although I no longer do it today, I still get the itch to hunt for those great deals I know are sitting there waiting to be picked up.

I have noticed lately that it has been getting more and more difficult to score good deals at thrift stores than in the past. Part of it might be due to the hit song by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (Thrift Shop) which has introduced thrift shopping to a whole new generation of peop


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7 Responses to How to Get the Best Deals at Thrift Stores

  1. These are really useful tips! I did a lot of thrift and resale shopping when I was in college, but have drifted away from it as I got older because I wasn’t finding things I liked in the stores. Apparently I was shopping in the less-ritzy part of town. 😀

  2. gregory says:

    I have found that the pricing at Thrift Shops has increased where they are no longer the deals that they used to be. I am able to find things much cheaper at garage sales and online.

  3. Gailete says:

    Thankfully our town’s thrift shop, that gets everyone’s cast offs whether rich or poor, still maintains low prices and frequent sales. The proceeds of what they make stays in our town to help those in need. I pop in when I can and have bought great amounts of craft supplies, items to resell in my store, clothes for me. After years of never finding my size in the store, someone (or multiple some ones) came along and donated clothes in my size. While I can make skirts pretty easily, tops are a bit harder so finding a decent supply of tops has been great! Our shop is only open three days a week for 4 hours a day, so you have to get there when the getting is good. Comparing prices to the Salvation Army store about 20 miles away, the prices are about 25% of the SA prices. We also have frequent sales depending on what they need to move out for the coming season. Love my store. It is the only shopping that I can tolerate physically as well. :)

  4. Jo says:

    Even thrift stores have to “raise” their prices to stay afloat. Replacing fixtures, perhaps donating part of their sales to charity, a local shelter, etc., accounts for this action.

    I know that the Salvation Army and Goodwill stores put some of their proceeds towards those in need after tornado and hurricane incidences.

    Just some thoughts…

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  6. Our Thrift Store in Craig Colorado. Community Budget Center has a senior discount on clothing and other specials throughout the month. 50% off on all items once a month. Other specials, too. Some of our items are brand new.

    All proceeds return to the community to assist those in need; medical, rent assistance, utilities, etc.

  7. Emily says:

    Loved this post. I’m a die hard thrift shopper and garage saler, and yet there’s always room for improvement. It’s kind of like a sport to me, if that makes sense.

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