Bryce Canyon and Zion: Day 142 and 143

I really love the national parks in the west (unfortunately, I haven’t done much traveling to national parks in the east) and the beauty that they possess. Although I have visited them a number of times, they really do offer different perspectives depending on the time of year that you go and what the weather happens to be like the day that you visit.

We headed out to one of my favorite national parks as I continued to give my guided tour of the places I’d been in Utah allowing me to do some great traveling at minimum cost for the minimum wage challenge. While certainly not one of the biggest national parks, Bryce Canyon has such a unique landscape that it almost always surprise


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3 Responses to Bryce Canyon and Zion: Day 142 and 143

  1. david says:

    Those places look beautiful! I’ll have to add them to my bucket list.

  2. Nancy Skaien says:

    I loved Bryce, Zion and may I recommend Cedar Breaks. Beautiful in the upper altitude.

  3. jeffrey says:

    I love Cedar Breaks as well — the Bristlecone pines are absolutely amazing. Disappointed that we didn’t make it there on this trip…

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