What to Do When a Big Expense Doesn’t Work Out

money down the drain

I went to graduate school with another woman who, let’s just say, didn’t end up with the same happy experience that I did. Very early on in the program, it became clear that the program wasn’t a good fit for her. Despite what the school said when they were wooing her, they weren’t really interested in her research interests, she had a hard time finding an advisor willing to help her, and the program wasn’t geared toward the practical job applications she’d hoped for. (It was a training ground for academia, not the real-world.)

She told me that she thought she’d done everything right. She’d researched the program, talked to former students and


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  1. Nicely stated. It’s really tough to quit on something you’ve invested time, money and heart into, but you’re absolutely right: sometimes it’s best to walk away. Focusing on what you did learn instead of lamenting the money you spent is the best way to move forward.

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