10 Friends Who Can Hurt Your Finances


Friends. They can certainly be a blessing in anyone’s life. Unfortunately, we sometimes have friends who have negative qualities which can affect our lives and relationships as well. It’s far too easy to ignore the signs and pretend that these friends aren’t really negatively influencing our decisions. For instance, you may have friends who borrow money without paying you back, or who encourage you to buy things you can’t afford. These types of friends can be deadly to your finances. Here are some of the types of friends that you need to be on the lookout for so you can protect your finances from them.

The Mooch

Do you have a friend who always asks you to spot them


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4 Responses to 10 Friends Who Can Hurt Your Finances

  1. I think we’ve all known one person per category at some point! I can even associate family members with some of these traits, and ultimately being aware of these tendencies can help you make better financial decisions. You can dump friends that become financially draining, but family members are harder to let go! One of my family members is an enabler, and lately I’ve responded directly to her pleas for me to buy something with “I don’t have to buy this! Stop trying to convince me that I need it.” Something as simple as that gave her pause and I’ve noticed she’s not as pushy lately.

  2. Mr.CBB says:

    I’m going to say I know people in all those categories. I also will say that if someone is a strong, confident person they won’t let these types of people hurt their finances. If someone has a hard time saying No or gets easily swayed by others than evaluate your priorites and make decisions based on what’s right for you. After all, no one else cares about your finance more than you will. Great post.

  3. david says:

    If people are actually doing these things, can they really be called friends?

  4. Minny says:

    It is just the same with losing weight and staying a good weight. Thinner friends will not always be encouraging you to eat stuff, fat friends will.

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