Do You Want to Be The “Special Case” or The “Success Story?”

overcoming obstacles

When it comes to doing the difficult things in life like saving money, losing weight, getting a better job or more education, creating an emergency fund, or engaging in almost any form of self-improvement, a lot of people claim to be the “special case” and say, “Well I can’t do that because I have [insert problem, condition, or circumstance] that makes it impossible for me to do it.”

Now, note that I’m not talking about people who are truly disabled, ill, or have some genuine problem or hardship that does make doing something impossible. (Although, there are many handicapped or disadvantaged people who manage to do the “impossible” every day a


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2 Responses to Do You Want to Be The “Special Case” or The “Success Story?”

  1. LuckyRobin says:

    I’ve been disabled since 2009, but that has never stopped me from doing water exercises or swimming laps with just my arms and kicking with only one leg until the bad one got strong enough to do a little of the work. I may not be able to use most exercise equipment but as long as I have access to a pool or a body of water I’ll be in it.

  2. getforfree says:

    When you have kids, it doesn’t make sense to go to work, because the childcare will eat up all your paycheck, and it will also push you in the higher tax bracket where you won’t get all the credits. Different people have different goals. Some just want to save money ignoring everything, but some would rather be there for their kids and still save money by being frugal and work odd jobs here and there.

    It’s funny when people say they need to exercise in order to loose weight. You can just eat less (doesn’t have to be special and expensive food, just less of it). Get up and do something useful around the house like cleaning or fixing or yard work. At least you not just running uselessly and wasting your energy, you get something done too.

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