13 Important Skills Kids Learn When Running a Business

lemonade stand

When I was growing up, there was a girl up the street who was constantly running some sort of business. She did lemonade stands in the summer, bake sales, dog walking, car washing, lawn mowing, rented books and toys to other kids (this was long before Blockbuster made the rental model profitable), and any other things she could think of. She sold insurance and practiced “law” one summer. She even designed some of her own products to sell. Some of her ideas were truly horrible and some were pretty good. Some of her businesses were successful, and some went down in flames.

This wasn’t just a fad for her. It went on for years. She started at the ripe old age of five and was s


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3 Responses to 13 Important Skills Kids Learn When Running a Business

  1. dave says:

    Trying to run some type of business while still a kid is one of the best learning experiences in the world. The best part is as a kid, you aren’t afraid to ask questions when you don’t know, so you learn so much quickly. it’s something all parents should encourage their kids to do.

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  3. Claire says:

    Kids these days are so overprotected, and so overly praised, and never experience a taste of failure. Good for them? No. We learn from making mistakes, from being disappointed, and so are our kids. It’s a skill they need to survive all the obstacles in life. So send them out onto the street for that lemonade stand!

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