Sister Not Happy I’m A Vacation Guide: Day 136 – 139

After finding out the cost of the 90,000 mile car check-up, I decided to try to get a few more no-spend-days under my belt for the minimum wage challenge. While I did do a hike with a friend,

fern tree stump

I mostly spent the days working on the computer (I know, boring, but not expensive). In addition I did drive out to visit my sister for an afternoon to see my youngest niece take part in her first dance performance (so cute!)

first dance performance

It was there that my sister found out that I landed a week-long vacation guide opportunity.

I’ve done a lot of traveling to state and national parks in the west and while I wouldn’t consider myself an expert, I do know more of those “secret” places than th


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5 Responses to Sister Not Happy I’m A Vacation Guide: Day 136 – 139

  1. LuckyRobin says:

    I think it should be allowed. We’ve taken family members places at no cost to them and they are making poverty wages. It happens.

  2. dave says:

    I think that this is fair game, especially since you have done similar things in the past with them. I know I’ve taken my adult children on trips and paid for everything in the past — I enjoy their company and like spending time with them, and by doing so, I can spend quality time with them that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

  3. mimipaula1 says:

    I think I have said it before: With sisters like yours, who needs enemies?

    Your parents would like to bless you with a “working” vacation. ENJOY!

  4. Kate says:

    This is a working vacation as you will be their tour guide. Would your sister be against it if it was a company paying for your services as a tour guide? My husband is an actor and many times there are places that pay not only for his lodging and stippend, but also give him the extra fee that he charges. So he gets to do something that he loves while getting paid to do so and spending nothing for it.

  5. SKM says:

    I have to agree with mimipaula … I think your sister likes to engage in sibling rivalry a wee bit too much. :) (I’m remembering your eating challenge awhile back and her “helpful” comments.)

    At this point in my life, I probably make more than my parents do, but they get really offended if I try to pick up the tab on things. (Unless I’m with my dad … god loves his frugal ways – he will never complain if I buy breakfast and I do so gladly.) Go forth and enjoy the week that you’re going to be a vacation guide. And don’t track your expenses. That’s just hinging on ridiculous.

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