You Can Never Do It All, So Don’t Waste Money Trying

star wars collection

I have a friend who is into Star Wars. I mean really into Star Wars. He has every release of the movies going back to VHS. He has the trading cards, all of the books, the toys going back to the 1970’s when he was a child, the collectible glasses given away by fast food restaurants, and much, much more. In addition, he goes to the conventions and gatherings around the world. Star Wars is his life and, well, it often gets him into financial trouble.

He doesn’t have the money to spend on this stuff, quite frankly. He carries a lot of debt and sacrifices other things he’d really like to do to feed this Star Wars addiction. It’s his hobby and his passion to the exclusion


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One Response to You Can Never Do It All, So Don’t Waste Money Trying

  1. Mary Alice says:

    A hobby like that is not something you should allow to take over your life.

    My brother is a video game collector and before my mom died, started collecting arcade games. (He’d been collecting console games before) He had to take a step back when Mom died b/c now he has more expenses!

    He’s planning on fixing the two arcade games he’s got then worrying about getting more,and getting a new job too. I think that’s healthier than your friend. ^^

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