Causing a Blood Test Commotion: Day 134

It was a pretty uneventful day in regard to spending since most of the day was spent catching up on the things I had put off while on the three day trip. When it comes to the minimum wage challenge, uneventful spending days are days to be celebrated. It wasn’t a no spend day, however, since I did finally go to the hospital to get blood drawn to have my vitamin D levels tested again.

All I needed to do was go in, have the blood drawn and then wait for the test results to come back. It would seem like a simple process, but of course I seem to make these simple things far more complicated than anyone could have ever imagine they would be. This time the issue was that I decided I was going


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2 Responses to Causing a Blood Test Commotion: Day 134

  1. honour says:

    Privacy standards mean we’re not supposed to take photos of people without their permission. Many businesses do not allow photos either. The 1st time I walked into a Starbucks in Seattle, the Barista nearly had a fit when she saw my camera!

  2. Euphemia says:

    It’s a rule at the hospital where I work, but we call them policies. Our staff have been in You Tube videos without their permission before the policy went into effect. Quite upsetting. We take our jobs seriously and do not consider them entertainment.
    Glad you are feeling better.

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