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10 Places You Can Get Stuff for Free

stuff for free

Everyone loves a freebie. Most people are aware that there are a lot of places where you can get small, free samples online, but is it possible to get bigger and more expensive items for free? Most people don’t think so, but they would be wrong. There are actually quite a few places that you can get free stuff that’s still in perfectly good shape, or simply needs some minor repair work done. Before you go out and spend money to buy something, especially if you were already planning to buy it second-hand, you might want to first check out these options to see if you can score what you’re after at no cost instead:

Colleges (at the end of the year)

If you live in an area populated by a lot of colleges, you know that mid-May means a lot of college kids move out of their dorms or apartments. This means that they usually throw out a bunch of furniture, appliances, or other items that they can’t bring home with them. Looking at the streets near college dorms or apartment areas is a great way to try to find free stuff that is still in pretty good condition.

Moving Sales

Sometimes moving sales turn into people just giving items away because they need to get rid of them. Moving sales are very different from garage sales or yard sales because the entire focus is on getting rid of furniture or other items you don’t need. The free stuff is usually available at the end of the day and consists of the items that still haven’t sold.

Garage Sales

Garage sales are also another place to try to get stuff for free, especially if you time it so that you show up at the end of the sale. Most advertised garage or yard sales have designated selling times. Garage or yard sales are usually done so that people can clean out the items they don’t want anymore. Sometimes by the end of the sale you the people selling the items might be so desperate to get rid of certain items that they let you have them for free. While this isn’t the case at every garage sales, it happens a lot more than you would imagine.

Side of the Road

Have you ever driven by a piece of furniture on the side of the road? Maybe a nice bookcase or a desk or a set of table and chairs? A lot of people put used furniture that is still in decent condition on the side of the street because they either don’t want it anymore or have replaced it with newer furniture. Most of the furniture you find on the side of the street is in decent condition, so it’s worth stopping to check it out when you see a piece. After all, if it is in decent condition, you might end up getting a new bookcase or kitchen table!


Freecycle is an online website that focuses on giving and getting free stuff for members. Membership is free and everyone who has signed up for the website posts free items that are available in their community. The purpose of the site is not only help members get quality items for free but also to keep stuff out of landfills and help eliminate waste. If there is something that you need, but don’t need it right away, it’s a great place to see if you can pick it up for free. It’s also a great place to get rid of stuff that still have a useful life, but you don’t need and don’t want to bother selling or throwing away.


Craigslist is one of the best places to look if you’re trying to get almost anything for free. While a lot of people will attempt to sell the belongings they don’t want anymore, there are also a lot of people who use Craigslist to give away stuff they don’t want to sell or own anymore. These are often people who are moving away from an area and need to get rid of things quickly. The best thing about Craigslist is that you can search by state and narrow down each state by city or region.


While Yelp is mainly a place to review and search out businesses in your community, it’s also a great social networking site. But every once in a while you can find a group dedicated to giving away free stuff or people looking to get rid of certain items they no longer want. While it’s not a surefire way to try to get stuff for free, it doesn’t hurt to browse the message boards for your respective city to see what items you might be able to find.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great way to find free items that people are giving away. A lot of people will list items they no longer want and, if you make sure to program your Facebook settings correctly, they’ll pop up in your feed as an alert. This is probably one of the easiest ways to search for free stuff in your location online. Best of all, there’s guaranteed to be a variety of items to look through.

Social Media

Social media is great for many things in this day and age, and fortunately, it’s also a great, new way to find out about people or businesses who are giving stuff away for free. Whether it’s a business having a special promotion or going-out-of-business giveaway or friends or friends-of-friends who are trying to get rid of items in their possession, social media can be your ticket to learning about how to obtain free items.

Classifieds Sections

The most tried and true method of getting free items such as furniture, clothing, appliances, or other items and services is through the Classifieds section of a print or online newspaper for your local community. Plenty of people still post notices for items they’re giving away in the Classifieds. After all, this was the original form of Craigslist before the internet existed, so when in doubt, check it out!

Have you ever picked up free stuff from any of these venues? Please share your favorite place to score free things.

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4 thoughts on “10 Places You Can Get Stuff for Free

  1. I can’t believe that dumpster diving isn’t on this list. I know some people have a bad view of it, but you can get some great stuff (without getting dirty), especially from businesses that would otherwise go to the dump. Just make sure it’s legal in your town (it is in most) and you’ll get some great stuff for free as well as other stuff you can sell or give away.

  2. I often see free stuff left on the side of the road in my town and I have picked up a few tings this way. I think it’s much better than having them hauled off to the landfill. Sometimes people decide to upgrade before their stuff has completely worn out. If it still is good, why not use it?

  3. This really isn’t a suggestion for finding free stuff now but when I lived in Australia we used to go to the Tip ( Dump ) where they had a building and space set aside at the dumping area and there was a “store” there where guys would pull whatever was usable out of each load that came in and you could buy it for the equivalent of a few cents. We used to find bicycle parts there, say a perfectly good wheel for $1, or handlebars for 50 cents etc… Really a thrift shop I guess.
    I wish some enterprising young people would do this in the U.S. I think they just had a contract with the dump to run the store, a win win situation, they made a few dollars and kept things out of the landfill. I’m just throwing the idea out there because I’m 70 and a bit too old to try this now myself.

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