10 Places You Can Get Stuff for Free

stuff for free

Everyone loves a freebie. Most people are aware that there are a lot of places where you can get small, free samples online, but is it possible to get bigger and more expensive items for free? Most people don’t think so, but they would be wrong. There are actually quite a few places that you can get free stuff that’s still in perfectly good shape, or simply needs some minor repair work done. Before you go out and spend money to buy something, especially if you were already planning to buy it second-hand, you might want to first check out these options to see if you can score what you’re after at no cost instead:

Colleges (at the end of the year)

If you live in an area popu


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4 Responses to 10 Places You Can Get Stuff for Free

  1. dave says:

    I can’t believe that dumpster diving isn’t on this list. I know some people have a bad view of it, but you can get some great stuff (without getting dirty), especially from businesses that would otherwise go to the dump. Just make sure it’s legal in your town (it is in most) and you’ll get some great stuff for free as well as other stuff you can sell or give away.

  2. gina says:

    I often see free stuff left on the side of the road in my town and I have picked up a few tings this way. I think it’s much better than having them hauled off to the landfill. Sometimes people decide to upgrade before their stuff has completely worn out. If it still is good, why not use it?

  3. Cara says:

    This really isn’t a suggestion for finding free stuff now but when I lived in Australia we used to go to the Tip ( Dump ) where they had a building and space set aside at the dumping area and there was a “store” there where guys would pull whatever was usable out of each load that came in and you could buy it for the equivalent of a few cents. We used to find bicycle parts there, say a perfectly good wheel for $1, or handlebars for 50 cents etc… Really a thrift shop I guess.
    I wish some enterprising young people would do this in the U.S. I think they just had a contract with the dump to run the store, a win win situation, they made a few dollars and kept things out of the landfill. I’m just throwing the idea out there because I’m 70 and a bit too old to try this now myself.

  4. Sam Maddock says:

    Excellent post, I loved it!!

    I am always looking for free stuff

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