Don’t Believe the Salesmen

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We enjoy camping in our RV. As a result, I spend a lot of time on RV-related message boards. This week I saw a sad story. A family wanted to get into the camping lifestyle, so they went to the local dealer to see what they could or should get. They planned on towing the camper with a minivan. After looking at the van and noting that the towing capacity was 3,500 pounds, the dealer smooth talked the couple into a full sized travel trailer which weighed in at 3,400 pounds. Sounds like it should work, right?

Wrong. What the family didn’t realize or understand (because they were new to the camping life and didn’t have the experience) was that the trailer they were looking at was cut


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3 Responses to Don’t Believe the Salesmen

  1. Mary Alice says:

    Amen to this. Too many people get in trouble (I sure did over a cell phone not too long ago) because they don’t read the fine print and don’t know exactly what they need and what will work.

    Salesmen don’t always know everything after all. ^^

  2. Lauren says:

    I had an experience, once, purchasing an SUV. We went to the dealer wanting to buy a Mercury Mountaineer for $15,000. It was all-wheel drive, which was one of our requirements. They said they sold that, but showed us a 4-Runner (I was unaware that Toyota made an SUV). He told us it was all-wheel drive (it wasn’t), but we believed him. We bought that car for $22,000 – much more than we wanted to spend. We still drive it and thank God it has never given us any issues. However, either he lied and knew about it, or really thought it was all-wheel drive. Regardless, that experience has taught us to be more cautious.

  3. Gailete says:

    I know these guys have to make their money some way, but for the most part I hate talking to salesmen! I feel like they are always lying to me, or talking ‘man talk’ so only my husband can understand and since I’m in charge of the finances, I have to understand before I will sign on the dotted line. I’ don’t like being treated like the dumb little woman that doesn’t need to understand what is going on. Most of them soon learn either treat me with respect or we are leaving. I’ve had too many snake-oil salesmen try to give me their ‘talk’, but I just won’t go along with them anymore.

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