Let Them Judge You

don't judge

A couple of years ago, I had a run in with the neighborhood jerk. A group of neighbors was trying to mobilize against a potential new road that would cut through some properties and lower the value of others. Everyone in the neighborhood was against the road except this one guy. He felt like having the state buy his property would be the best thing that could happen since there was no way that he could sell it for what he owed on it. (He bought late in the housing bubble and paid way too much. His fault, but not the point of this article.)

Anyway, we were all content to let him have his opinion. Not everyone has to agree. However, he kept turning up at our organizational meetings and making


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2 Responses to Let Them Judge You

  1. That’s true and there will always have people who have an opinion of how others do or don’t do something. If we let people’s opinions eat away at us or cause us to explode in anger then we’re not pulling our own personal weight, we’re dragging our asses and letting those with the loudest voices win.

  2. jay says:

    Sadly I live next to the neighborhood jerk/bully. Chronically unemployed and bitter, he rants and screams about issues that don’t concern him while leaving his trash (real and figurative) on the curb for all to enjoy. We’ve taken defensive measures, including fences, greenery, but sometimes he’s hard to avoid.
    I don’t feel responsible for his behavior, though, and despite his trying to blame others for his problems, just feel pity for him.

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