My Boring Life: Day 121

From a money spending perspective, the next week is going to be pretty boring for you to read about because unless something unexpected happens (which is always a possibility), I’m anticipating that it’ll be a no-spend-week. This is one of those Catch 22 situations when it comes to writing about being on a strict budget — what is boring for the reader is actually accomplishing a lot in my quest to stay under the minimum wage challenge goal. So while the posts aren’t going to be anything exciting to read about, they are moving me closer to the goal that I’ve set.

I’m house sitting this week so I have no housing costs, the refrigerator where I’m stayi


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6 Responses to My Boring Life: Day 121

  1. CB in the City says:

    You’re never boring, Jeffrey! I have been anticipating your return!

  2. Susan Wilson says:

    Jeffrey, I agree that once you narrow down your likes and dislikes, it does cost less money. That is true for entertainment, and most certainly food. Sometimes you need to try new things, but perhaps find a new food at the farmers market instead of that new restaurant. We like home cooked better, though I still would like to be served once in a while. Enjoy your view this week. – Susan

  3. Sara says:

    Hej Jeffrey!

    How are you doing with the challange? Did you give up?

  4. jeffrey says:

    I stopped writing about it although I am still doing it.

  5. Em says:

    How much have u spent in the end! Now that it’s 2014? WhAt was the end like? Did u survive or fail and spend above budget? So sad u stopped writing this, your minimum wage challenge made this formerly 16- now 17 girl smile.

  6. jeffrey says:

    I did actually pull it off. I ended up doing a lot more house sitting than I do most years and a bit less traveling on my own. Basically a lot of what you read at the beginning repeated over and over throughout the year. Unfortunately, you were in the minority with enjoying it. The number of readers quickly diminished as I went along, so I made the decision to stop writing about it.

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