It’s Dirt Cheap!

dirt cheap

The other day I was perusing another personal finance message board when I came upon, of all things, a debate about the merits of Blu-ray versus standard DVD. It came about because someone was mad that they were being “forced” to buy a combo pack that included both formats because the movie studio refused to release the DVD-only option. The person was upset that they had to pay the higher price when all they wanted was the standard DVD.

Anyway, the Blu-ray camp was defending the higher resolution and better picture, while the DVD camp was saying that the difference wasn’t enough to matter to them, or to make it worth shelling out more for the player and the movies themselv


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2 Responses to It’s Dirt Cheap!

  1. Jordan Rodriguez says:

    This is all very true, Jennifer. Your introduction example is something that turned me off for a bit. I hate that many retailers don’t sell DVD singles anymore. It’s DVD/Blu-Ray combo or not at all. It’s ridiculous. However, awhile back I got a PS3 (I’m a gamer) and although I rather not spend a little extra dough, my PS3 plays Blu-Ray discs, so it doesn’t hurt my wallet too much :). It’s also great to wait out upgrades; everyone I knew told me to upgrade my smartphone because it was out-of-date, but come the holidays, I was able to upgrade it for “dirt cheap” as opposed to the usual double everyone else spent.

  2. Gailete says:

    Isn’t it interesting how others think they have the right to tells us how to spend OUR money!? Just start trying to tell them how to spend theirs and see what happens. LOL

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