Start Thinking

start thinking

One of the things that gets people into trouble financially (and in a lot of other areas, too) is failing to actually think about what they’re doing. We’re all guilty of putting our lives on autopilot. We buy the brands we always have because they’re what we know. We shop in the same stores we always do because we know the layout, or the salespeople, or it’s just convenient. We eat the same foods because they’re what we always get. We bank at the same bank we always have because it’s easier than switching. We subscribe to things because we’ve done it for years. And we stop for coffee on the way to work, or go out to lunch because we’ve always


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3 Responses to Start Thinking

  1. eugene says:

    All I do is think about money and it still doesn’t help me out financially. Each day is a struggle to make ends meet, and me thinking about it isn’t going to help more money come into my bank account.

  2. amyl finch says:

    There is a difference between worrying and thinking.

  3. Kayla says:

    Over the past couple of years, I’ve done the same thing. Saving money on groceries used to be about buying the cheapest items on the shelf in Wal-mart, but that’s the food that typically made me feel disgusting. It really didn’t save me a lot of money in the end either, because how much sustenance can you really get off of 10 cent packages of Ramen? Now I go to a local co-op to by actual fruits/vegetables, which are actually cheaper than elsewhere for produce, and avoid a lot of pre-packaged foods everywhere else. I also make it to the farmer’s market to save A LOT of money, and for everything else — like bread, sauces, anything I would by pre-packaged every now and then, I comparison shop between grocery stores still.

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