Don’t Fall For “The Advertising Will Save You” Money Gambit

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Manufacturers, retailers, and advertisers love to tell us that advertising will save us money. They like to tell us that placing ads in and on everything from video games to toilet paper will save consumers money. The theory is that the advertising subsidizes the cost of the item or service, allowing the seller or provider to charge less than they otherwise would. I call BS.

A couple of years ago, I bought a Kindle. I decided to opt for the one with the ads (or “Special Offers” as Amazon called it). The overall purchase price was lower and there were promises of money-saving offers, in addition to basic ads. Well, things were good for about six months. I did indeed receive some


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3 Responses to Don’t Fall For “The Advertising Will Save You” Money Gambit

  1. jay says:

    Agree. Product placement within TV shows, movies is also getting ridiculous. Classic was/is the fake roar of car engines during car chase scenes; strikes me as silly at best!
    The only winners are the advertisers and producers.
    Oh, and of course the cost of all this advertising is being, ahem, passed on to the consumer.

  2. JoeP says:

    My theory on advertising is this: A business wants to make more money. They see that adding advertisements in their business helps bring in more dollars, but instead of reducing or even holding their prices steady, they increase prices slightly. Now they are in a situation where they don’t dare drop either, because that would mean Less Money.

    Personally, we ignore all advertisements. Part of the reason is that 99.99% are not applicable to me (e.g., radio or TV ads that “ask” me if I am looking for grass seed, or telling me which lawyer I should pick). The other reason is that we do our own research and do not care to be influenced this way.

    A key to saving money and getting the right products and services is to avoid exposure to advertisements trying to make you say “YES” to the wrong things.

  3. Minny says:

    Pssst! Want to get lots of books for your kindle – check ebay!

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