Don’t Dismiss Your Hometown Paper

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I live in a rural community and we get three newspapers here. The first is our main, statewide paper. Though it’s a daily paper, I only subscribe to the Sunday edition of that one for the coupons and sales flyers. However, we also get two other small-town papers each week. We don’t pay for these and never asked to be added to the mailing list; they are simply sent through the Postal Service to everyone who lives in the township (we get two because we live in the doughnut hole between two towns so the publishers send us both).

I used to dismiss these as junk mail and tossed them straight into the recycling bin. I used to refer to them as, “the crap papers.” Then one d


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2 Responses to Don’t Dismiss Your Hometown Paper

  1. honour says:

    Right on! We need to know what’s happening in our specific community and those details aren’t offered in an easy to find format on-line. We’ve learned the hard way – if you don’t support local business and community events – those services will leave.

    It’s fun to go to high school sports events even if you don’t have a child participating to get to know neighbours and make new friends. If you have a topic to discuss, submit an article. I wrote on the value of ICE -In Case of Emergency listing on your cell phone and creating an ICE Binder.

  2. Gailete says:

    I love our FREE home town paper. It keeps us up on local news that is vitally important to know, plus it is fun to watch kids grow up and how they are doing in local sports, music, etc.

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