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10 Things Worth Splurging On

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If you’re on a tight budget or limited income, you’re probably pretty price conscious. However, while buying cheaper items can be great in some instances, there are certain items where you should splurge a little when buying. Many of the items on this list aren’t top luxury items, but rather items where you should consider paying a little more money than normal for an above average product.

Bed and Mattress

Mattresses can be very expensive and a lot of people will opt for buying a used mattress or a cheap, poor quality mattress in order to save a couple dollars. But do you really want to sleep on a mattress that’s as hard as rock or one that will mess up your back years down the road? A mattress is something that you’ll be using every day, so you should spend a little more money on a quality mattress. If you’re still worried about the price, think of it this way: if you pay $800 for a mattress and you have it for three years, you’re technically only spending $0.73 each day. It’s definitely worth the money.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are another item you should consider splurging on. Have you ever had a microwave that is so old that it takes twice the time to heat something up? Or maybe you settled for buying some cheap kitchen knives that don’t even cut your fruits or vegetables. Kitchen appliances or tools might not seem like a great expense if you never cook, but if you’re constantly using your kitchen, consider spending the money on items that will last you for awhile instead of ones you have to replace every couple of years. After all, wouldn’t you rather spend thousands on a new stove that will last you for a decade rather than one you have to replace in a few years?

Home Appliances

As with kitchen appliances, home appliances are a good investment to splurge on. Items like washing machines might not seem like an exciting thing to spend money on, but spending money for a good quality one is definitely worth it.


If you own a home that has a lawn, you probably know that a good lawn mower is necessary. Sure, you can buy cheap ones that will get the job done, but they always run the risk of breaking. The same goes for any other tools you might use frequently around the house. That’s not to say that you have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars for some top of the line item, but rather invest in something of a little better quality that what you would pick up at the corner store.

Quality Clothes

A lot of people are hesitant to spend money on clothing, especially when so many cheap alternatives are available. Of course, splurging on clothing doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands of dollars on one item. Spending $60 on a pair of work pants that last you a couple of years should be better than spending $15 on a pair of pants that are ill-fitting and cheaply made. Sometimes it’s worth splurging a little on nicer clothes if they’ll last you a long time.

Quality Shoes

Additionally, splurging on shoes should definitely be something to consider. Most people are on their feet every day, whether it’s part of their job or because they’re traveling to work or school. Because we spend so much time on our feet, it’s important to treat them well! Cheaply made shoes can be harmful for your feet and lead to back problem later in life. Sure, those $10 flats or sneakers might seem like a steal but they’re probably so poorly made that they’re not giving your feet the support they need. You don’t need to go out and spend $600 on a pair of new sneakers, but definitely don’t hold back from splurging on shoes that will keep your feet healthy and happy.


If you wear glasses, you know how expensive they can be! But you also probably know how easy it is to buy a pair of cheap frames. Splurging on glasses is a good idea for two reasons. First, you want to make sure you buy a pair that alleviates your eyesight problems. Refusing to spend the money to update your prescription could harm your eyesight later on. Also, your glasses are part of your daily appearance! If you’re wearing them each day, you want something that makes you look good and presents a good appearance. This is something you’ll be using constantly so it only makes sense that you’ll want to splurge on something you like.

Non-Stop Flight

Have you ever had a flight with an awkward 12 hour layover? Or maybe you’ve had to catch two connecting flights just to make a trip home. Very few people enjoy flying and even less enjoy layovers and having to run through an airport to catch a flight. If you have the money, consider splurging on a non-stop flight in order to avoid the hassle of a layover.


It’s great to splurge on a vacation every once in awhile. Sometimes when you’re on a budget, you’re so concerned about paying your bills and staying within your monthly financial goals that you forget to cut loose and relax. Splurging on a vacation doesn’t mean that you have to spend thousands for an international getaway. But life is short and you should take the opportunity to have some fun and spend some money on yourself ever so often.

House/Apartment Location

Different people have different priorities when it comes to spending money on their house or apartments. However, if you’re someone who values location and safety above anything else, you might want to consider spending more money on a house in a better location than a cheaper house in a worse location. For instance, if you want an apartment in the city and near public transport so you don’t have to buy a car, it might be worth it to pay an extra hundred dollars or two on monthly rent for that convenience. A house in a safe neighborhood might end up being more expensive than a house in a neighborhood with a lot of crime.

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3 thoughts on “10 Things Worth Splurging On

  1. I think paying extra for a prime location of a home/apartment is a good idea. We payed a bit more for a good location, and I’m definitely happy with it. We may end up moving further away for our next house (so we can get more square footage and size for the price) but for now we are really loving our central location.

  2. It is very important to buy GOOD shoes. But before splashing out I like to remind everyone that it is no good splashing out on shoes if the feet don’t get a royal treatment first. The feet are very often forgotten by many. So good shoes need to go on healthy feet!

  3. An old saying, in life you are either on your feet or in bed, so buy a good bed and good shoes.

    Good advice, I bought a good replacement mattress five years ago and it is still going strong.

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