10 Ways to Save Money on Coffee

save money on coffee

There are many people who will willingly confess that they have an addiction to coffee. It’s one of those drinks that quite a few people insist they need to consume at least once or twice a day. However, any coffee drinker knows that sometimes coffee can be pretty expensive. Fortunately, there are a number of different ways you can save some money when it comes to your coffee habit.

Make It At Home

The best way to save money on coffee is by making it at home instead of buying it at a coffee shop. You can buy a bag of ground coffee for $7 that will last you awhile or you can spend that $7 on one or two cups of coffee from a café. You’ve probably have already heard that you can save a bunch of money by making your own coffee instead of buying it, so maybe it’s time to start listening to that advice.

Buy Whole Beans

If you do decide to make coffee at home, consider buying whole beans instead of pre-ground coffee. Whole beans tend to be at least a dollar or two cheaper than ground coffee. Coffee grinders can be found for as cheap as $10 and they tend to last for years, so it’s well worth the investment.

Buy in Bulk

It’s also a great idea to buy coffee in bulk. Whether you decide to buy pre-ground coffee or whole beans, buying a case of coffee or oversized, bulk packaging can definitely save you money. Your favorite brand of coffee may cost $6.99 per pound, but five bags of that coffee would end up costing you $34.95 whereas a buying a five pound bag would cost you $20. You’d be saving almost $15 by buying bulk.

Take Advantage of Free Coffee at Work

If you work in an office that offers free coffee, you might want to take advantage of that service instead of running out to buy one from a café on your lunch break. A lot of offices serve decent coffee, so while it might not be your preferred brand or blend, it’s still better than paying $3 or $4 for your mid-afternoon coffee fix.

Buy a Smaller Drink

If you aren’t able to curb your habit of visiting your favorite café each day, maybe you should consider buying a smaller drink. Sometimes people buy a large or medium cup of coffee and end up only drinking half of it. The difference in size usually means a price difference of at least a couple of dollars. Whether you want to limit your caffeine intake or just save yourself a few dollars, ordering a smaller size could help you save money.

Don’t Buy a Specialty Drink

Sometimes the specialty lattes or frappuchinos that cafés offer seem too tempting to resist. Many coffee shops heavily promote these items hoping that customers will be persuaded enough to spend an extra couple of dollars on their drink order. While specialty drinks can be delicious, they’re often double the price of a normal coffee. If your coffee shop sells a normal cup of coffee for $2, then chances are that the specialty drink is at least double or triple that price. There are also plenty of other ways to save money on coffee at coffee shops.

Cut Back on Your Coffee Intake

Of course, another great way to save some money is to stop drinking so much coffee. If you current have three or four cups a day, try and cut down to one or two. You’ll be saving a significant amount of money regardless of whether you make your own coffee or buy it in coffee shops and cafés.

Use Coupons, Freebies, or Discount Days

There are almost always coupons or sales on bagged coffee, and you should definitely be on the lookout for such deals. Additionally, many cafés or coffee shops will have free drink days or special promotions. Starbucks, for instance, has a buy one, get one free drink deal around certain holidays. McDonalds sometimes has a deal that offers a free coffee if you buy a certain food item.

Don’t Brew More Than You’ll Drink

Have you ever made a full pot of coffee in the morning only to drink one cup and then rush out the door? Maybe you accidentally put in more water and coffee grounds than you realized and didn’t have the stomach to drink more than a cup or two. While it might not seem like it, brewing coffee that you end up tossing down the drain is a big waste of money. If you’re trying to save money and make your coffee supply last longer, keep track of how much coffee you waste or make. It could save you a lot of money in the long run and help you cut down on coffee waste.

Buy a Different Brand

Do you swear by a certain gourmet coffee brand? While you may enjoy that gourmet coffee, is it really worth $12 a bag? If you’re trying to save money, you might want to try a couple different brands. You might find yourself falling in love with a brand that is significantly cheaper. After all, a higher price tag doesn’t necessarily mean that the coffee tastes better.

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6 Responses to 10 Ways to Save Money on Coffee

  1. VickiF says:

    If you brew too much, put it in the refrigerator. It’s quite easy to add a few ingredients the next day and have a nice flavored cold coffee.

  2. Christina says:

    Where are the $20 five-pound bags of whole beans? The best I can get that I know of within five miles is Costco for $24.99.

    This is not a way to save money, but to improve the taste of coffee at home for people who use French press: time it for four minutes. We learned this from a top roasteria.

    A way to save money: some people use half of used grounds with half of fresh grind for their second cup.

  3. Mike says:

    Coffee lasts much longer, and tastes much fresher when stored in the freezer. Works with whole beans, or pre ground coffee.
    Try it!

  4. Jenny says:

    If you brew your coffee at home, try using less coffee per pot, especially if you just dump in the same amount from habit or follow the directions on the coffee tin. I find those directions make way to strong of a pot for me.

    Just reduce by a little bit, maybe 10% less. If you don’t notice a difference, then use 10% less again. When you get a pot that tastes weak or doesn’t get you going like it should, go back to the previous amount. If you can use 20% less coffee than you were using without noticing it taste any different, then you’ve saved yourself 20% of the price of all the coffee you buy in the future, and all you have to lose is one weak pot of coffee.

  5. save money says:

    I can’t but thank for the para one to three. Making coffee at home is a way of saving money. But in busy life we often unable to get prepared for doing that at home. How to save then? Buying of whole beans is not always possible or to make proper use of that. What to do then? After all use of coupons, freebies or discount offer is often helpful.

  6. Melanie says:

    I totally agree with you. For a basic cup of coffee, it just makes sense to brew it from home. The money saved can be put towards the hundreds of other things we all have to pay for.

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