Reflections on a Purge

spring cleaning purge

This winter I have focused on purging my house of excess stuff. I’ve never thought of myself as having a lot of stuff (and compared to some I don’t), but a real dig in to the deepest recesses of my closet, attic, and drawers revealed some things I’d been holding on to that needed to go. As I purged, I learned it’s often not as much about the stuff as it is about reconciling who you were with who you are now.

The first week of the purge, I found some shirts from college in my closet. We don’t need to point out how long ago college was for me, but let’s just say it wasn’t yesterday. Worn and faded, those shirts were reminders of a different time. Some


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2 Responses to Reflections on a Purge

  1. We plan on purging quite a bit this summer. We’ve been waiting to have a garage sale for a few years now, and I think it’s time. Definitely looking forward to clearing stuff out and making some cash while we’re at it.

  2. What an eloquently written reminder that just because we want to hold on to memories of good times past doesn’t mean we have to hold on to stuff from the past too!! I’ve been struggling lately to downsize/ purge and this is just the reminder I needed to help me power through the junk and make some space for the me I am today!

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