Seeing Coupons as Money


Some people hate to use coupons. Some can’t be bothered, some don’t see that the time required is worth the savings, some are embarrassed, some figure coupons are only for junk food (they aren’t), and some are afraid of being associated with the crazy, extreme couponers out there. Whatever the reason, these people are uncomfortable using coupons themselves, and they may even be uncomfortable when their friends or family members pull out the coupons. This is when it becomes a problem.

I’ve always been a coupon clipper, following the example of my mother and grandmother. When I was first married, my husband saw coupons as a nuisance and an embarrassment. But since we w


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5 Responses to Seeing Coupons as Money

  1. Nika says:

    On the other hand, people who see coupons as money, might buy something they would not have bought if they did not have a coupon, so that they don’t “waste” the coupon or the opportunity to save money. They can become emotional triggers.

    And the fact that manufacturers still offer coupons and that it became so widespread, means most people spend more than they would have otherwise because of the coupons.

  2. It’s no secret we use coupons and many of my fans use coupons. We do see the monetary aspect of them and that is what is so enticing. We know that even the small savings all add up, heck we track that in our budget spreadsheet each month and in our Grocery Game Challenge each week on the blog. I think what you did was awesome and a great way to show someone who doesn’t care for them, understand them or can’t see the savings to understand! I’m going to share this great idea on FB!! Cheers

  3. Jo says:

    I wish we used coupons here in Australia like you do in the US it would be a big help to people like me on a low income, our supermarkets do have ‘specials’ but from what I can see not as good as coupons

  4. Thriftygal says:

    Yesterday I spent an hour going through my coupons and comparing them to items on sale before going on a big shopping trip. The pay off amounted to $75 in weekly special discounts with another $29 off with coupons.

  5. DianaMarie56 says:

    I am really trying to understand the whole concept of couponing. I want to use more coupons in my grocery shopping but I do not understand exactly how to use them nor how many I need for items I want to purchase. Should I get several Sunday papers and take all of the coupons out for the things I want to purchase?. I don’t understand how so many people save hundreds and hundreds with each shopping experience. Can someone explain simply how I can get the most out of my coupons

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