10 Ways to Keep Your Belongings Private and Reduce the Risk of Theft

unloading the car

One of the easiest ways to prevent theft (aside from locking the doors, which is something too many people neglect but is effective) is to keep what you buy and what you own private. If other people know what you own, you’re more of a target than if a crook has to gamble and guess that you have valuables in your home.

A neighbor was robbed once because he told a friend that he’d bought a new, top of the line gaming computer. What he thought was a conversation amongst friends turned out to be trouble because the friend mentioned it to some other people who were thieves. Those were the people who robbed my neighbors house. A relative was robbed once because he left the boxes for a


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5 Responses to 10 Ways to Keep Your Belongings Private and Reduce the Risk of Theft

  1. Karyn S says:

    I would’ve thought that leaving the lights open at night when not home would show people that someone’s home, especially when considering there’s one car outside.

  2. honour says:

    Went to a security seminar sponsored by police in our community. They emphasized B & E thieves set a timer and are in your place less than 15 minutes. Never leave money or expensive jewelry in the Master Bedroom or bathroom. Those are the two rooms thieves focus on.

    They never look for valuables in kids rooms. If you have a small safe or fireproof strong box, bolt it from the inside to wall/floor/shelf.

  3. jay says:

    Also, crews trolling for easy marks will pay street folks to tell them about homes that could be easy targets, e.g. dumpsters sitting out, signs of renovations, folks packing for a trip, etc.

  4. And don’t post, tweet etc that you are off on a tropical vacation.

    A few years ago a coworker was going out of the country with her family. She is a very private person and we knew because we all had to move our shifts around to cover her shifts.

    She did not post it on her Facebook page and she lives in a rural area and her houe is not easily visible from any neighbour’s home.

    On the morning her family was on the way to the airport a coworker (not the brightest among us) posted a wish that she have a great trip away for the entire week with her family.

    Luckily nothing happened but the message was there for the entire week she was away and nasty words and a long period of not speaking followed.

  5. jstrada says:

    All excellent points on keeping your belongings private. Another way to secure your belongings is to invest in a home security system.

    Joe Strada

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