Become What You Envy

no whining

I have a relative who does nothing but whine about how she doesn’t have certain things, how she never gets to travel, she doesn’t have any money, and she’ll never own a nice car. Well, while I tend to think that most of her whining is over pretty superficial stuff (she does have a loving husband, good kids, and a decent house, which is way more than many people have), it bugs her to no end that there are others out there with more. She has a serious case of envy.

Instead of doing anything about it, though, she chooses to whine. Whining has yet to get her anything that she wants. Whining hasn’t gotten her a new car, designer clothes, or a fat bank account. I think it


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One Response to Become What You Envy

  1. JD says:

    We must have the same relative. In the case of my relative it is poor spending choices and delaying gratification to obtain their much sought after goals. A couple of times I suggested another approach the response I received is “I can’t”. Which says to me they are not willing to change.

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