10 Smart Ways to Use Your IRS Refund Check

IRS tax refund check

Are you expecting to receive an IRS refund this year? Do you have big plans for that money? Maybe you want to spend it on something nice for yourself. Maybe you are planning to use it for a great vacation to get away from it all. Many people who receive a tax refund each spring eagerly await the money that will be deposited into their bank account. However, instead of rushing out to spend it on some type of splurge, consider putting it to another use.

Pay off Debt

For one thing, one of the best uses for your IRS refund is to pay down any debt you may have. If you’re swimming in a pile of debt, the last thing you need to do is spend money elsewhere. Using your IRS refund check not only


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2 Responses to 10 Smart Ways to Use Your IRS Refund Check

  1. I plan on paying off the purchase of my couch and some medical bills.

  2. 99% says:

    Although this could be considered as Retirement Account:

    Buy paper I-bond.

    Perhaps SA could do another article as I haven’t found any since 2006.

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