Paying More For Car Maintenance: Day 38

oil change

If I keep my eyes open for coupons, I can get an oil change and tire rotation for $19.95 in my area without a problem. That’s less than it would cost me for the oil and filter, not to mention the time it saves me. But I don’t take advantage of these discounts most of the time. I take my car to a small, independent mechanic in my local area who charges $24.95 for the oil change and $10 for the tire rotation. It might seem that I’m wasting $15 on every oil change and tire rotation I get, but I don’t look at it that way, even when on this minimum wage challenge.

Paying the $15 extra pays me far more in return with the mechanic’s honesty. There have been a number o


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3 Responses to Paying More For Car Maintenance: Day 38

  1. Mary Alice says:

    A good honest mechanic will save you more money in the long run than one of those other guys who care only about profit. We have one that does things like that (fixes only what’s broken, and no more) even tho we do go to a discount for oil changes. It’s saved us a ton of money. ^^

    I always tell people, “Honest mechanics are rare, treasure them like gold” ^^

  2. Wow. I honestly do not think I can find car maintenance for that cheap, but I am going to look around a little harder for sure. Thanks so much for the post!

  3. mimipaula1 says:

    AMEN! We have used the same mechanic for about fifteen years; he is such a blessing to our family!

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