Choosing a Hobby Without Spending a Fortune

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I’ve heard plenty of people bemoan the fact that they don’t have a hobby. Some even post to some of the message boards I frequent, asking for help choosing a hobby. This isn’t a position to which I can personally relate. I’m the opposite. I don’t need another hobby, I need more hours in the day to enjoy the ones I have. Between reading, board gaming, needlework, photography, marathoning, writing, and a few others in minor roles, I’m never at a loss for something to do. But evidently, plenty of people are looking for something to do with their free time besides plop on the couch in front of the TV after work.

I applaud their desire to find something more e


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3 Responses to Choosing a Hobby Without Spending a Fortune

  1. getforfree says:

    My hobby is saving money. I look for tips on how to save money and spend less.

  2. bben says:

    Choose a hobby? For me it’s more like the hobby picks you. If you are not very interested in whatever the hobby is, it will soon fall by the wayside. Instead look at what you are interested in that you would like to spend a bit more time doing. Doing whatever it is will become your hobby by default.

  3. Gailete says:

    I too could use a 48 hour day so I have more time for my hobbies and everything else I do! I think I need at least 500 years to get everything done that I want to. Since money has been rather tight over the last few years, I have found that rooting through needlecraft items at our local thrift store produces some good results. I’ve picked up buttons, embroidery floss, needlepoint yarn (imported good quality stuff), embroidery hoops, patterns, rick rack, etc. I also pick up stuff for a missionary friend that works with teaching women to embroider to help support themselves. I in turn donate supplies that I know I won’t use back to the thrift store. I always say yes when someone wants to give me sewing supplies or new patterns. You can get so much more, when you look for cheap sources of supplies and part of the joy is the hunt for them. Over the last few years I have found myself in the position of never having to buy books to read except for library sales or needlecraft supplies other than white thread. So I’m not spending much on my hobbies at all. I also made my business based on my hobby so my whole life revolves around what I like to do (and some things are tax deductible!)

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