Time Flies and It’ll Cost You

time flies

Last year there were changes to our health insurance plan. The employer has always used a high deductible plan and they have always been kind enough to contribute $2,000 toward that deductible. The money has always been available at the first of the year. Well, last year, they got a new plan. It’s still a high-deductible plan and they still contribute $2,000 toward the deductible, but the catch now is that instead of putting the full 2K in at the beginning of the year, they put $1,000 in at the first of the year and only give you the remaining $1,000 in July, if you have met certain requirements and earned enough “points” through the wellness plan. (The wellness plan gives


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  1. Wonderful advice and reminders. We all have so many things going on in our lives and time does move so fast. But we must make the time, write things down, schedule them and get them done. Thanks

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