Unexpected Outing: Day 36

I have grown to learn that many of my friends call me when they have a last-minute change of plans because they know that I have the flexibility to do things on the spur of the moment that many people don’t. The plan for today was to take the car in to have the clutch checked, but I received a call from a friend who had an appointment cancelled and wanted to know if I wanted to head to the beach to go for a hike. Never one to pass up an opportunity to get outside, it didn’t take much to twist my arm into going.

I actually really needed to get out. For a few weeks now my head has been fuzzy, something that I’ve never had an issue with before. I’m not really sure how to


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6 Responses to Unexpected Outing: Day 36

  1. Love the pics says:

    Calories burned will be a function of distance traveled and reverse relation to time invested to burn said calories. If running, typically you will burn more calories because you will cover the distance in a shorter time period (all other variables kept constant). Having said that both walking and running are great forms of exercise.

    Fantastic pictures. Wish I was close enough to visit these locations.

    Keep up the good fight!

  2. Wait, so did you win the dollar, or no?

    Also, definitely head to the doc. Not worth waiting to find out if it’s serious or not.

  3. Merilu says:

    Jeffrey – get your vitamin D checked. I had “fuzzy” head and it turned out my vitamin D level was very low. Took three weeks of high dose vitamin D and it was gone!

  4. Wendykw says:

    I’m pretty sure that running used more calories than walking. Goes with the laws of physics that take velocity into account.

    As a medical lab tech who used to run the vitamin assays, I agree with the vitamin D recommendation. It’s amazing how many people have a low vitamin D. With the amount of time you spend outside, I’d be surprised if you had a low one though. I’m sure the doctor will check the usual health panels, but definitely get a CBC. It could be anemia. My carnivore husband got it, so anyone can.

  5. secretarysaving says:

    Super cute photos! I love these nature blog post. I show them to my kids and they like the pictures.

  6. Jo says:

    I’m late re: the physiology of running versus walking the distance. What wasn’t mentioned was that the hike was steep. Therein lies the answer. Having done my share of hikes on flat and hilly surfaces, the calorie burn was far more effective when walking the hills – NOT running. With walking you’re working your muscles far more; whereas with running you’re working your lungs. It’s anerobic (walking/muscles) over aerobic (running/lungs).

    Your female companion, sweating as much as she did served her well regarding calorie burn. When running, you get that momentum going and are moving faster, not giving the muscles time to work through the so-called burn, if you will. But I’m sure her heart rate was going at the desired beats per minute, which then tells her she was on par for her age, body weight and fitness level. Being fit, she obviously had no trouble maintaining pace at a walk and getting the desired number of calories burned she would not have achieved had she been running for the same amount of time.

    Been there and done that….. 😉 A big kudos to you, Jeffrey. I have Fibro and deal with brain fog all the time; makes me wonder about the vitamin D levels needing to be checked as well. My best to you and hope all goes well. LOVE your articles….

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