Valentine’s Day: The Battle Between Frugality and Disappointment

Valentine's Day hearts

This time of year there are lots of tips about how to save money on Valentine’s Day. Advice abounds about ways to show your love for free and alternative gift ideas such as coupons for kid-free days and taking over your partner’s chores for a weekend. While all of these are very valid ways to show your love and save money on Valentine’s Day, they assume that your partner will be okay with a completely frugal holiday.

Unfortunately, many people have partners who adore Valentine’s Day and who will be disappointed if they don’t get at least some of the traditional trappings. Usually these partners are the women, but I do know some men who really enjoy Valentine


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60 Responses to Valentine’s Day: The Battle Between Frugality and Disappointment

  1. Alex Roach says:

    travel! studying abroad

  2. Sarah L says:

    I gave my sister the exact sweater she’d been wanting.

  3. Gailete says:

    Valentine’s Day is also our wedding anniversary. If we are feeling up to it, we go out to eat (some where where the bill is less than $50) and then go over to Barnes & NOble and look at books and possibly buy a few. That is all I need for the day. My husband adores wedding cake, so I try to buy him a small decorated bakery cake with all the buttercream icing that he adores and we chow down. It brings back memories of our wedding night when we chowed down the remains of our weding cake! Simple yes, but we haven’t had much in the way of finances most years and with chronic health problems, it is better to think small than think big and be too sick to do any of it. I also send out Valentine’s cards to my sons just so they get something nice in the mail.

  4. alianora says:

    The best gift I ever got as a kid was a week of Space Academy, complete with flying lessons. It was AWESOME.

  5. Helga says:

    Best gift received was my conversion to the Catholic faith and best given was helping people in need.

  6. Tina says:

    The best gift I ever received was my computer and the best gift that I have ever given would be money.

  7. Juana R. says:

    The best gift I ever received was an engagement ring.
    Best gift I ever gave was boxload of gifts to a childrens charity

  8. Anne C says:

    Best gift I’ve received was a Scrabble game board I got from my mother when I was a child. That made me interested with word games and reading. :)

  9. Susan Smith says:

    The best gift I ever received was a diamond necklace from my husband and the best gift I ever gave was a set of golf clubs to my husband.

  10. Thomas Murphy says:

    The best gift I ever got was a car, and the best gift I ever gave was a vacation.

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