January Review: Day 32 & 33

full moon

My current house sitting job ends tomorrow, so a good part of the day was spent cleaning the place to make it look better on their return. Washing, vacuuming, cleaning and all that fun stuff. While doing all that, I began to reflect what I was able to do the first month.

The only major expense I had was my health care premium which I will have every month. I managed to get through the month without spending any money on housing since most of the month I was house sitting at one place or another, and the few days that I wasn’t, I was spending time with family. Since I was house sitting and all of the owners said I was free to eat whatever I needed, I also had very little food costs. An


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  1. Teresa says:

    I really like the challenge you are doing. I am doing a spend as little as possible challenge this year to get my debt paid off. Mine looks a whole lot different because I have 6 kids and a husband but the concept it about the same. Good luck with it!

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