I Want That: Day 30 & 31

I rarely get the consumer bug. Anyone that knows me well also know that if you want to take me shopping, chances are you’re going to have to drag me screaming and yelling the entire way. I rarely “lust” after any gadgets. Even my computer which I spend most days on is nothing more than a basic model picked up at Costco that gets the job done. Most of the things that I have which aren’t necessities tend to be gifts given to me by others because they think that I need it. In other words, I just don’t by a whole lot of stuff.

I’ve never owned a cell phone. I’ve never owned a digital music player. It’s been over 10 years since I have even worn a wa


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One Response to I Want That: Day 30 & 31

  1. Long says:

    That’s pretty amazing that you have never owned a cell phone. I bet you’re doing just fine though.

    As far as the watch, I think a constant reminder would either scare people or motivate them. For me, I think it would be a little of both. Still, there is something to be said of a gentle reminder that you only have so much time to live to do something with your life.

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