The Goal List

my goal in life

We all have financial goals. Maybe you want to retire early, travel more, pay down debt, or save more money. Having goals is what drives us forward and keeps us from staying in the same place. Unfortunately, many of us haven’t really articulated our goals. We carry them around in our heads as vague notions. “Oh, I’d like to retire early,” or, “Gee, it’d be nice if we could shed some of this debt.” Because they’re so vague and ever-changing, we often don’t follow through on them. To keep the motivation strong, we need to make our goals obvious and trackable.

One of the best tools I have for managing my financial goals is a goal list. I ke


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2 Responses to The Goal List

  1. Minny says:

    Until it is written at the top of a page a thought is just that, a thought and maybe a wish. Write it down and it becomes a goal, then it is possible to start writing down plans to achieve that goal.

  2. Gailete says:

    I love having goals and especially measureable ones, but I was stunned the other day when my son pulled out his very specific goal list and showed me. Someone’s goal list tells you a lot about a person and his list made me proud to be his mom!

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