Car Repair Failure & Golden Gate Bridge: Day 25 & 26

Cupertino library statue

Why is it that when there is something wrong with a car, whatever seems to be wrong with it miraculously resolves itself the minute that you bring the car in to get repaired? Today was the last day I had before I needed to head back up north to house sit, so I thought I better find out what the clutch clicking noise was, as well as get the oil changed and tires rotated. Of course, when I brought it in, the clicking noise was nowhere to be heard. I spent 30 minutes trying to get the car to make the clicking noise in the clutch, but to no avail. I’m sure that the mechanic thought I was nuts yelling at my car to make a noise that it’s not supposed to make and I shouldn’t want


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3 Responses to Car Repair Failure & Golden Gate Bridge: Day 25 & 26

  1. mimipaula1 says:

    Maybe you will write a book about this adventure??? Keep up the good work!

  2. Darla Mathews says:

    Just a suggestion on the library noise or lack thereof, if you have an MP3 player with earphones you could use that as your “noise” so that you can work without it being too quiet and without bothering others.

  3. jeffrey says:

    I think that would help, but I do know that I can’t work as long when listening to music that way — having it right in my ears is different than having it in the background. but it’s certainly better than complete silence…

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