TV Panic: Day 23 & 24

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With the end of the current house sitting job, I have three days before the next one begins. Since I’ve managed to not have to pay anything for lodging so far this month, I figured that I should try to make that the case for the entire month. The plan was to go to visit my sister (just to rub in how well I am doing on the minimum wage challenge thus far a little), but that was quickly changed when I got a message from my mom telling me that her TV wasn’t working.

I stopped watching TV awhile ago and anyone can as stop watching TV well if they want. The key phrase there being that they need to want to stop. I think that people would be a lot better off in most cases if they simp


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3 Responses to TV Panic: Day 23 & 24

  1. colleen says:

    What are you considering to be your income for the month and is that income from house sitting or blogging or something else? Are you going to be taking into account any bills that the average person would have like pge, rent, phone, car insurance, toiletries? I am just wondering.

  2. jeffrey says:

    Minimum wage comes to $1430 a month. That is my budget. I will be taking into account all my bills. Because I decided to be purposely homeless, I don’t have any utilities or rent, but I will have lodging costs (I managed to make it through all of January house sitting so there was no cost, but I don’t have anything lined up for February) Food, toiletries, car maintenance, car insurance, health insurance, etc will all be taken into account.

  3. colleen says:

    thanks for the reply

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