10 Things to Do Instead of Complaining

stop complaining

Like most people, I sometimes find myself complaining about money or “stuff.” Sometimes I get frustrated by work and money issues, or when there’s something I want that I can’t afford, either immediately or ever. There will always be people with more than me, vacations I can’t take, things I can’t own, repairs that have to be made, and other annoyances related to money. Sometimes it’s just easier to sit back and complain about how unfair something is, how things are stacked against me, or how “bad off” I am (even though I know it’s not true). To complain is human.

It’s also unproductive. Sitting back and complaining about you


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6 Responses to 10 Things to Do Instead of Complaining

  1. I have been know to have a pity party for myself occasionaly but I try not to wallow and to make goals instead.

    I have had to stop contact with one sad sack in my life who always expects the worse and is never satisfied when the good things happen.

  2. Caesar F says:

    What’s interesting is that if I’m ever around someone who complains I actually try to get them to look at the positive side of the situation. Complaining doesn’t get you anywhere though.

  3. Complaining has a time and a place but sometimes it can take over someones identity and no one wants to be around them. I one person that is generally happy all the time, lets loose, enjoys life. When I hear people complaining on a constant basis I find that I’m not that happy around them. I’d rather shift myself to a group of people that are positive and find ways to make change. Great post.

  4. Gailete says:

    I still remember one girl in college that would stop into someone’s room and talk (complaining) non-stop for about half an hour and then get up and leave (she wasn’t interested in OUR problems) and off she would go to the next girl’s room. And so it would go so that by the end of the afternoon or evening we had all heard her woes and would be totally depressed by her. Older and wiser now, I wouldn’t let her take control like that. I too have had friends that if you listened to them you would swear that their life was the most miserable and unfortunately one friend’s daughter as she grew up picked up on her mom’s practice. Everything that came out of her mouth was a complaint and how she planned to sue the person that caused her distress.

    For sure, count your blessings even when you think that life is getting you down. We are not rich by a long shot (at least to US standards), but on bill pay day I can be happy when I can pay all the bills owing that week in full and without borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. Much nicer and better emotionally than complaining that now that the bills are paid there isn’t any money to go out and have ‘fun’.

  5. Absolutely LOve. This. Post.

    I have been following you for awhile in regards to money, but this blog is way more that that. Thanks for it.

  6. Tracey says:

    I can relate to your situation back then, and to be honest I still complaining for some stuff that is happening unfairly.

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