Doing More Than Is Expected: Day 22

This might sound a little strange, but I’m finding that if I want to save money and reduce my costs as part of this minimum wage challenge, one of the best ways to do that is to do more than people expect (it’s also a great way to get more business and earn more money). The thing is, even a little extra effort can pay of handsomely.

Today was the last day of the current house sitting gig. I normally clean the house because even after a few days, pet hair gets everywhere. The problem was that this time there were no pets and the place was extremely well maintained (this photo is before I did any cleaning).

There really wasn’t a lot that I could do to clean up the place sin


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2 Responses to Doing More Than Is Expected: Day 22

  1. Pauline says:

    It often pays to go the extra mile, and they will hopefully recommend you to friends as well!

  2. cindy says:

    Another option is to fix something. My ex-husband and I used to stay at my aunt’s cabin for a week every year. It was usually very clean when we got there, so we’d clean it up before leaving, but my ex had the same philosophy as you about leaving a place better than we found it. So he would fix up or improve anything he could. My aunt had complained about a faucet, so he got it running better. We noticed the fireplace cover didn’t operate very well, so he fixed that, etc. Those things were always hugely appreciated by my aunt the next time she’d stay there.

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