Is Brand Loyalty Costing You Money?

brand loyalty

Most of us have brands and products that we prefer over others. Maybe we prefer the taste or we’ve found that Product A works better than Product B. Sometimes our loyalty is rooted in the prestige a brand confers upon us or because it’s what we grew up with. Whatever the reason, we all have our likes and dislikes. We all have things that we are willing to pay more for, or sacrifice to own.

Sometimes that choice seems like a small matter. Having to have Heinz ketchup rather than any other brand doesn’t seem like a big deal. But couple that with having to have a certain brand of paper towels, mustard, yogurt, and cereal and you can see that your grocery bill can quickly ball


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6 Responses to Is Brand Loyalty Costing You Money?

  1. I buy name brand liquid dish soap but I add water to the bottle several times as soon as it gets down an inch or so. Seems to be a better value than buying generics.

    I love good toilet tissue. I buy the good stuff when it is on sale at Costco. It is so soft that you can use it in place of a kleenex. That is a real cost savings.

  2. We are brand loyal for some products and others not so much. When it comes to doing an oil change for my vehicle I am brand loyal and will wait until the oil is on sale and buy a few jugs to eliminate paying reg price. Other things like ketchup we used to be brand loyal until we put no name into a heinz bottle and never looked back. It’s all in our heads, at least for us it was. Savings… you bet! It’s knowing the best prices and who has them and making the right choices.

  3. I only have brand loyalty to a very few brands. I try to support smaller brands, so they can compete more efficiently with the larger ones. I save a lot of money by being able to bounce from brand to brand.

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  5. Gailete says:

    I am brand loyal to detergent as I KNOW I’m not allergic to it.

    I am also brand loyal when it comes to treats since they are luxury item, I want them to be right.

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