Stupid Injuries: Day 12 & 13

I guess it really shouldn’t be much of a surprise that since I have reached the age where I can apparently injure myself by doing normal everyday things (I managed to pull a muscle in my back from sneezing that took about a week to heal and I managed to hurt a calf muscle walking down the street another time), that trying to do things even a little bit beyond normal would leave me with lingering pain. Let’s just say that there is a very good reason that I have not attempted any form of yoga in the past and I will never be trying any more of it in the future (seriously, I have no idea how I managed to hurt myself trying to put my body into simple positions, but obviously my body didn’t like the idea, and let me know as much). Someone please humor me and tell me that I’m not the only one that gets these types of injuries.

While it was nothing too serious (it seems to be a simple muscle pull), it had me thinking about if it had been something a bit more serious. Getting hurt could be something that makes this minimum wage challenge a lot more difficult to complete even with health insurance, and I can imagine how it would be devastating to any minimum wage budget for those who don’t have insurance. While I’m not planning to have any trips to the hospital this year, I do quite a bit of outdoor activity that could certainly land me there if something goes wrong. I’ll just have to be careful and try not to take too many risks (I have a bad tendency to misread signs when hiking. For some reason I think that signs that read “Warning: Danger Ahead” actually mean “Go ahead and explore: There is something cool ahead that most people won’t see.”)

Needing time to rest a bit and to try to recover, I decided to attempt a no spend weekend. I’m not a big TV watcher these days, but not wanting to a lot of movement, I decided that a bit of TV was OK (plus football playoff games helped). It made for a pretty relaxing weekend where I had an opportunity to think about how I could make the food extend through the 18th without having to go to the store to supplement what I have on hand which I think I’ll be able to do.

I did manage to get in short walks with the two dogs (Buster and Sadie) that I’m taking care of this week:



I hope to do a bit more traveling to places out here this coming week. I did manage to get through he weekend without spending any additional money which has me in a pretty good position with the end of the second week coming up. While I don’t expect things to continue quite as smoothly as they have thus far, it’s been really nice starting off without a lot of unexpected costs piling up from day one.

Yesterday and Today’s Spending

Food: $0.00
Car: $0.00
Housing: $0.00
Travel: $0.00
Misc: $0.00

Total: $0.00

Total Spending

Food: $7.39
Car: $0.00
Housing: $0.00
Travel: $0.00
Misc: $16.15

Total: $23.54

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2 Responses to Stupid Injuries: Day 12 & 13

  1. Mjrube says:

    Where do you live normally? When you’re not house sitting, don’t you have an apartment or house on which mortgage/rent still needs to be paid?

  2. christine says:

    I realise I’m about 15 months late but it may comfort you to know that you are not alone: I once sprained my ankle while laying on the couch.

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