Failing To Think Creatively: Day 11

View from current house sitting job

I made a big mistake yesterday by not challenging my automatic assumptions. I consider myself pretty decent at doing this, yet I’m finding through this minimum wage challenge that I don’t do it nearly as well as I thought, or as often as I should.

Yesterday when I took a look at the refrigerator, I quickly determined that I would need to buy some other food at the grocery store to supplement what is on hand. What I basically did was look at the amount of food compared to the last house sitting job, and I realized that there was a lot less. Without giving it much thought, I decided that it would be more difficult to create my meals without hav


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3 Responses to Failing To Think Creatively: Day 11

  1. Amish Author Sicily Yoder says:

    You are doing a fine job! I had forgotten that I had a big box of oats. I will eat them in the morning.

  2. scfr says:

    They won’t realize it’s gone … unless they read your blog! 😀

    Check the expiration dates on the non-perishables. If they have expired foods in the pantry, they probably wouldn’t mind if you ate it.

  3. mimipaula1 says:

    Thank you for doing your best to be a great “guest” in the home of your hosts/employers!

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