Reevaluating Habits: Day 8

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We all have habits that we really need to take a hard look at to make sure the habit is helping us reach our financial goals. I know from personal experience that one of the most difficult aspects of personal finance is finding those habits (since they’re habits, we often do them without even being aware that we are doing them). Yes, changing them can be difficult, but actually realizing they are a habit can be even more difficult. I ran into one of those situations today.

I spend most of my time on the computer which makes sense since my main job is writing articles and blog posts. In order to do that effectively, it’s good for me to be in a place where I’m not too comfor


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  1. deana says:

    Another option would be for you to work at McDonald’s. It isn’t free, but it’s less expensive than the coffee shop would be. I think that all McDonald’s offer free Wi-Fi these days. If not all, most do. Their fountain drinks are only a dollar plus tax and you can get several refills if you happen to work there for a long period of time. I find that it gets fairly crowded during meal times, but at other times it is quiet and I can get a lot of work done. Just a thought and maybe something else you could consider.

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