First Difficult Choice: Day 3

no skiing

Well, I knew this day was bound to happen. I just wish that it would have been a little later into the year. Having it come so quickly into the new year only confirms that I will likely have to make a lot of these choices in the months to come. I had to make the first difficult choice to opt out of something that I would have normally done in a heartbeat. Such are the decisions which need to be made when participating in a minimum wage challenge.

I was invited by a friend to go skiing for a weekend at the end of this month with the best part being that he already had a place and I could hitch a ride with him so there would be no housing or transportation costs involved. The problem was that


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7 Responses to First Difficult Choice: Day 3

  1. Melanie Pierce says:

    I think I’m going to be following you on this challenge. I watched you go through the Eating Well on $1/day Challenge, as well as the Thanksgiving Dinner Challenge and so, here I am again wanting to know how this one goes. But what really peaked my interest is the the fact that you are in Arizona and going to all our favorite places! We just moved this past year from Show Low, AZ to Missouri. But before we left, we visited every National Park/Monument in Arizona (AND many of the surrounding states) and my kids earned the Junior Ranger Badge at every one of them. The pictures you’ve posted of these last 3 days bring back great memories! Now I want to know how to find your National Park blog! We have been to around 100 NPS sites since 2005 so that my kids could do the Jr. Ranger programs. It’s just one of the ways we make homeschooling fun and make history come alive. Thanks for another awesome read!

  2. LuckyRobin says:

    If you are near enough I’d highly recommend Canyon de Chelly. The ruins there are amazing, the pictographs are something else, and it is a starkly beautiful canyon. They will close the canyon in bad weather conditions that can cause flash floods, so check the morning of if you go.

    And if you can spring for the $16 adult admission, Meteor Crater is also a really neat place to visit. They trained astronauts there for moon conditions. It is very educational in the best way, and you actually get to see an Apollo Test Capsule and a big hunk of meteroite up close and personal. It would definitely be a choice I’d make with limited entertainment dollars. I was there in 1989 and it has stayed with me all these years.

  3. mimipaula1 says:

    After following you through your past challenges, I am looking forward to reading each day’s post detailing your latest endeavor. Thanks for your willingness to share the ups-and-downs of this minimum-wage challenge!

  4. CB in the City says:

    Good on you for passing up the ski trip! I does show expensive skiing is, even when it is a “bargain.”

  5. I quit snowboarding a few years ago simply because it became too expensive. One day I may get back into it, but only if both my wife and I are able to justify the expenses.

  6. Petunia says:

    In the past, when I lived on just above minimum wage, I never went skiing. It never crossed my mind – it’s just way too expensive! Also didn’t own a car and ate all my meals at home.

  7. secretarysaving says:

    We don’t have any snow in Houston, TX but one of my greatest memories as a child was getting a cardboard box and break it down, sit on it and down the hill you go. Fun times!

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