How Far Should an Employer Bend to Accommodate You?

bend over backward

An acquaintance was recently fired from her job. The reason? She needed too much time away from her job to deal with “family obligations.” I don’t know all the details, but she was missing a lot of work to deal with some issues with her kids and extended family.

This was not a case of an employer denying someone maternity leave or medical leave, but rather a case where this person had used up all of her sick and vacation time and was running on the good graces of her employer. At some point the employer had enough and told her, in essence, “We can’t afford for you to miss this much work. It’s hurting our business and you have to go.”

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2 Responses to How Far Should an Employer Bend to Accommodate You?

  1. At my company (and we’re a non-profit) employees are warned that if you use all your sick and vacation time, then need unpaid time off (FMLA reasons obviously don’t count) you will be put on probation and can be fired. I understand both sides. Companies, even non-profits need to be able to function at a certain level to make money, or to serve their consumers. If you’re never around they’ll find someone who can be.

  2. Gailete says:

    Just something I see and hear of so much. We live within a a bunch of people that only think about themselves and their own needs. Going along with that, if you don’t think like them you are wrong or are an idiot. SOOOOOOOO glad the election is over so that people can stop calling each other names due to their politics. It is exhausting to be around people like that after awhile. In all my years I have never seen society so determined that everyone is right, and everyone is entitled to whatever they want.

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